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Friends Only! [06 Jan 2005|09:13pm]
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Friends Cut.... [31 Dec 2004|12:58pm]
Hey y'all! I've decided to make this journal Friends only so i can be more open with myself in here and b/c I'm sick of all the nasty shit people keep commenting and stuff.

I just cut a few people from my friends list so if you're: crying_star6 insaneguy_50150 sleepythesheepy strbry_carebear tieboy vanilla_sparkle xnevertoawakenx yay4clay5230 feel free to remove me from your list since you've been cut.

If youre on there than feel free to plead your case to be re added!
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I'm on break! [23 Dec 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Y'all! I'm Officially on Break! Whoot!

I rocked in the choir concert last night. I think "A Choiral Flourish" was our best part!

Today was pointless, Kayla loved her pens, and I got some Silly Putty from Shana! Lemme see, I pretty much sat anddid nothing in every class except english where we played a game, LSN where we played Bingo, and Latin wheere we watched a movie. The assembley was good too!

Well, I'm off! My computer still isn't working and mom is ready to leave Brown so more soon!

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Random comments on A Clay Aiken X-Mas [08 Dec 2004|10:33pm]
Random comments on A Clay Aiken X-Mas

- Opening sequence- kinda random and cool. Hated it until saw Dahlstrom *dies* I guess the gay faerie really wanted his boyfriend in it! Oh, and Dahlstrom is wearing one of Clayton's hats! *Dies*
- I thought it was funnuy how you could see the crew in the background during the opening song!
- Whoever's idea it was to have the stuff about how it was done was fucking brilliant! Being a teckie, it is the awesomness!
- The Gay Faerie kinda moving to Barry, lol!
- Me loves Clay's comments and dif camera angles

*Flips to BMA's to catch Green Day*

- Billie Joe stole Tre’s bow tie and Seacrest’s shirt!
- Spank that bass Mike! Mike sings pretty.
- Why the fuck did Tre have on headphones half the time than take them off?
- Billie Joe holding up guitar and getting ovation was awesome!

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the best song ever! Why the fuck did they have to bleep out the whole line that had "fuck" in it? Just bleep "fuck" not the entire fucking line!

*And now back to Clay*

- Everyone on there sings pretty! Santa Clause is coming to town is awesome!
- Clayton’s eyebrows are too damn big! They're fricking bushes!
- Quianna sounds loads like KLo! Clay and Quianna's chemistry is awesome!
- Clayton reminds Bartley. I mean they're both great singers, but I have a hard time keeping a straight face watching them sing!
- Clay messed up in Mary did you Know, he seemed to get off pitch a few times and ended up screaming during a high note.

I gotta get the DVD since I was dealing with a prob on IM. I'm really worried about someone I know. I gotta be strong tho. I can't change some people's minds. If she's gone, she's gone. There's nothing I can fucking do to save her!
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Fuck Yeah! [08 Dec 2004|10:28pm]
Green Day's 'Idiot' Fueling Banner Year

LAS VEGAS (Billboard) - With a No. 1 debut for its current album "American Idiot," and now Tuesday's news of six Grammy nominations, Green Day has found itself back in the spotlight. But if the punk-rock trio has its way, its Reprise album may yet fuel a crossover into an entirely new medium.

"We're definitely working on a film based on the album," bassist Mike Dirnt told ahead of the group's performance on Wednesday's Billboard Music Awards. "I mean, the story is already there. But to some degree, it will depend on who ends up doing the writing as to how involved we'll be."

"American Idiot" is up for album of the year and best rock album Grammys (news - web sites), while its title track will vie for record of the year, best rock performance by a duo or group with vocal, best rock song and best short form music video.

To be sure, the million-selling "American Idiot" has struck a major chord with listeners, fueling a successful fall trek which has found Green Day playing "more songs from a new album than on any tour we've ever done," according to Dirnt.

"Our shows are bigger than they've ever been," he enthuses. "We just played to 18,000 kids in Mexico City. I feel honored by our fans, especially those who have stuck around since the beginning. The fact that this album has done so well really verifies their belief in us."

Tuesday night, the band played "American Idiot" in its entirety during a special show at Las Vegas' the Joint.

"This is something we want to revisit the rest of our career," Dirnt says of these types of gigs. "It's like a new bullet in our arsenal, and it's great to step outside of our regular tour set."

The pool of available material for that set, however, has plenty of surprises of its own, including a host of Ramones covers and Green Day's takes on tracks by the Buzzcocks, the Clash and the Who.

"We even have a Midwest medley, which is 'Surrender' into (the Replacements') 'Bastard of Young' back into 'Surrender,"' Dirnt says.

Fans will also be intrigued to know that prior to the "Idiot" sessions, an entire album's worth of finished songs were accidentally erased from a computer drive. Could they ever see the light of day? "We could re-record them," Dirnt says. "The master tapes are gone. We still have some burned CDs but those are not good enough to release."

Green Day will begin a European tour Jan. 11 in Berlin and has dates on its 2005 schedule through March 22 in Sapporo, Japan.
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Joe! [06 Dec 2004|08:28pm]
Joe, my Alvarez RD-10! Ain't he pretty???

The facts about Joe:
Body Style: Dreadnought
Back/Sides: Mahogany
Top: Spruce
Finish: Natural
Soundhole Rosette: Black/White Rings
Body Binding: Black Single
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Inlay: Acrylic Dots
Tuning Machines: Chrome Covered
Bridge: Rosewood
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Happy Turkey Day! [25 Nov 2004|12:30pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back to sleep. So I flipped between MTV and VH1 for a while, and I saw the end of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" which isn't as good as American Idiot. The song is all sad but the video just doesn’t do it justice. The "Sunday Morning" video is good though.

Made two pumpkin pies and cut a little chunk outta my finger while making applesauce during the parade. I wonder if Thomas made it up there in time. He was leaving at like 1:30am, then he's coming back for dinner.

Article I had in It! today: Face in the Crowd: Thomas BenyaCollapse )

Uber cool article from ABC News! Balloonatics Prepare for Thanksgiving Day ParadeCollapse )

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Thanksgiving Break pt. 1 [24 Nov 2004|11:19am]
[ mood | happy ]

Here I am, sitting around. The sibling is at school (KG has a half day!) the parentals are at the doctors, and I just slept like 11 hours! So i try to watchh tv but low and behold cable is out. (KG cable will randomly go out which it shouldnt since it costs so damn much.) I uploaded a bunch of pics from Midsummer and will post those later.

Oh, why must two of the hottest singer around put out calendars? Everyone seems to know about Clay's but i just foundd out about This:

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A well written entry [23 Nov 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Here I am, sitting at Brown, Thinking it's Friday! I get confused when I have short weeks, maybe if I was excited about a CD coming out I'd remember. Maybe it's partially due to the fact that I've been a little spacey since I fell on the ramp to one of the fifth grade trailers, and landed hard on my ass. I got a headache from it too! I'm glad I don't have class for 5 days. I'm gonna miss my friends, but I can probably catch them on AIM. Tommy has a half day tomorrow, so he's pissed and I think wants to skip. I hope he doesn't, I need a day to sleep in without him waking me up.

I need to convince dad to stop to get a copy of "The Terminal" on the way home. Mom wants it for her birthday which is tomorrow!

Oh, and I got this response from Dave (my Youth Editor for It!/MyLine) about my Simple Plan Review:
"This is your best written review so far -- nice work. Keep 'em coming, sistah.

Later Days,

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Random Green Day Thingy! [21 Nov 2004|10:34pm]

Bands // Song Titles

Created by BourdiezFreak and taken 15118 times on bzoink!

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:Green Day
Are you female or male:She
Describe yourself:Outsider
How do some people feel about you:Basket Case
How do you feel about yourself:Redundant
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:American Idiot
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:Best Thing In Town
Describe where you want to be:At The Library
Describe what you want to be:Jesus of Suburbia
Describe how you live:She's a Rebel
Describe how you love:Dominated Love Slave
Share a few words of wisdom:Nice Guys Finish Last

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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Worried about Thomas... [17 Nov 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I just talked to Thomas, and like normal, I'm worried he's gonna do something stupid again. I know its gonna b hard when he he’s off to college in a few months. I'm just worried he's gonna run away, or land himself in jail or try to commit suicide again.
I dunno, I've known him since September, but I can sit and talk to him for a while about stuff I normally wouldn't tell anyone. I think I can really rust him, considering all the stuff he's told me. It’s like the more we talk, the more worried I get though.
Like he’s one of the few people I really told about my panic attacks and all my meds and stuff.
I guess I’m more at ease with him since I don’t really have a crush on him anymore.
I mean the last thing he said to me on IM tonight was “I gtg my ear is bleeding again, I ttyl”...

I’m gonna miss Joey tomorrow and Friday while he’s in Florida! I shall have to find someone else to talk to during lunch!

Night, hopefully I won’t have a bunch of Panic Attacks again tomorrow!

Oh, does anyone know anything about Yanni? I think I might end up having to interview him for FLS!

And if anyone's wondering I finished "Learning to Sing"!!!!! What a fucking great book! It inspired me!

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[16 Nov 2004|10:31pm]
Gosh, I'm crying over "Learning to Sing"!If you've read about the thing with Vrnon and "Soletaire" or Ray, you know what I mean!

The book is also reminding me whhy I love Clayton so much! I can serioisly relate to him! i mean, bullying, being a nerd, trying to figure out who you are.

i'm like half done with the book!
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Pointles Entry #1... [16 Nov 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Here I am, sitting at Brown as usual. Clay's book and X-Mas CD came out and I really haven't lookesd aqt my coppies yet! Weird! Yes, I'm still semi obsessed.

Well, off to go look at them, more later.

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My quiz!!!!! [14 Nov 2004|10:29pm]
Take my Quiz on!

Seriously, do it!
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The Polar Experss and the AMA's > You! [14 Nov 2004|09:02pm]
Went to see "The Polar Express" today, and everyone needs to see it! Loved it! Seriously, the best Christmas movie ever! I almost cried at the end, it's such a sweet movie! My bro went to see "After the Sunset," so my mom made the comment that 'he's seeing a movie with guns and boobs while we're seeing an animated Christmas flick.' Ha Ha, he's barely 13

So, I'm watching the AMA's, and the red carpet pic I saw of my non-existent gay husband, I mean Clay, is great. He looks so fucking hot! Damn, geek-chic has never looked so good!

John Mayer in black and white is great too! Who cares you could barely understand half of "Daughters," he's a fucking genius!

Oh, and someone needs to kill Anna Nicole Smith, I swear she was stoned! Gwennie did well, and they didn't censor her song. Kelly Clarkson better lay off on the black eyeliner since she's starting to look like Billie Joe! Josh Groban is seriously the hotness and Jimmy Kimmel is probably gonna piss off the fucking Claymates by the end of the night! "Anna Nicole Smith just took Clay Aiken's virginity... by force!" Wait, I think he just did!
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This is why I love Stupid Criminal Stories! [14 Nov 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Cop costumed as Shrek scares thief

Authorities in Alberta, Canada, say that a fleeing robbery suspect chose to take his chances in jail rather than face capture at the hands of a green ogre.

His pursuer was an off-duty police officer dressed up as the movie character Shrek.

According to Lethbridge Staff Sgt. Zealand Leavitt, on Oct. 30, the 18-year-old suspect and his male accomplice had just shoplifted items from a liquor store when they encountered off-duty Lethbridge Constable Mark Smallbones.

Smallbones was on his way to a Halloween party when he stopped at the store to buy some beer, Zealand said. The six-foot-three, 260-pound constable was covered in green paint and wore the same outfit as the popular animated character.

The costumed officer gave chase when the suspects fled the store. He reportedly pursued one of the thieves and shouted, "Stop! Police!" The thief ignored the order.

"When he turned around and saw who was chasing him, he was scared for his safety and didn't want to stop," Zealand said. "He ran faster instead."

The suspect reportedly did not believe Smallbones was a police officer. He turned around and ran back towards the scene of the crime, where he was arrested by other officers.

He later told police that he chose to return to the store because he had been running towards an isolated area and became worried about what his green pursuer would do to him if he was caught. He decided that it was safer to be arrested by real officers in a crowded setting.

The suspect, whose name has not been released, was charged with theft. His accomplice is still at large.

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Whoot! I'm a fucking Pirate! [13 Nov 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | bored ]

This is what happens when I get bored and start messing with my Pirates of the Caribbean DVD:

Oh, I get to see The Polar Express tomorrow and Green Day MIDIs rock!

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cast party tonight! [06 Nov 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Whoot! Cast party tonight! If it's anything like what I’ve heard it should be um... interesting to say the least. I'm a little bummed that Benya probably isn't going though! I'm gonna seriously miss him when he goes off to college during the summer even though I’ve only known him since September.

Joey- Say the word and I’ll be your decoy so you can have fun with Beth! (I'm serious, I can distract Peter for ya!)

I'm off,

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[05 Nov 2004|01:36pm]
I'm so fucking mad at mrs. benson (my vice principal) right now! I was having a decent day, except for Haily being a complete bitch to me. Then in English West etrs me go talk to her about the shit I've been having with Pfab. low and behold he ennds up in the office and she refuses to have hiim change my seat eventhough i'm in the fucking hallway and i can't see shit or pay attention.

so she then starts in that i need to stop causing terouble in there or i'll be in ISR aka Hell. Then procedes to pretty much tease me about the "Animal Farm" incident(we had to watch the movie but i ended up in guidence after a few minutessince it completely conflkicts with the fact that I have abesolutely no tollerance for Animal cruelty). So I fucking broke down in tears and she made me go back to class where i cried for a while.

more later
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1 hour till call time! [04 Nov 2004|01:30pm]
[ mood | excited ]

OMG! My call time is in an hour! I’m so excited about putting on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”! Even though I’m an usher, I’m still expecting to have a blast!

I need to get changed, eat something (crap!), and get my butt out of Brown, and get to McDonough! My dad’s training better be over soon, damnit!

Off to do what needs to be done!

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